What's on the menu?

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Healthy Starts. Breakfast anytime. 

  Roasted Fig coffee. 20 oz sweetened with agave *optional*

   Alkaline Waffle  topped with date syrup, and a fresh strawberry drizzle.  *gluten-free available*       

Allie Cakes Stack (2), or (4). Comes with Agave, or berry topping.

      3 pc French Toast w/ Ban O'Brien. Three slices of fresh spelt bread dipped in a strawberry batter, and grilled. Topped with housemade strawbery, and date syrup. 

    Breakfast Zauzage Sandwich. Two small crepes, one zauzage patty, and a small omelete round with peppers and onions. 

   BanO'Brien burro bananas fried with peppers and onions.

Zauzage Patties Choice (1), or (2) seasoned patties made from scratch. 

Crepes  filled with fresh fruit, topped with house made strawberry syrup. 

  Assorted fruit cup.

Chickpea-base "Omelette" with your choice of 3 or 5 ingredients. 

All come topped with tomato.  Mushrooms, peppers, onions, shallots, walnut crumble, chayote squash, Roma tomato.

The "Heal" Meals

Walnut Spaghetti w/ Teff Bread  

                                   -xtra zoodles $1.99

2 pc Vish  w/ Burro Fries a blend of chickpeas, seasoning, and vegetables blended and made into patties. Pan fried until golden. Comes as an open face sandwich on Teff bread with lettuce tomato and onion. 

Micken Sandwich w/ Side Raw Salad Shredded King trumpet mushroom sauteed with onions and peppers. Served on pancake style teff bread, topped with house made bbq. Upgrade to burro fries +$3 

         Raw Salad Red leaf lettuce, freshly diced peppers, white onion, shredded squash, apples, cucumber,  Roma tomato, and goji berries. Tossed in a cherry- citrus house dressing. 

       EVERYTHING Salad. All topping from Raw salad plus coconut , and olives. extra dressing $1.99

   3g Green goodness gravy Chickpeas, green onions, bell pepper, red onion, smothered in Kale gravy

 Mushroom Pizza. House made spelt dough rolled fresh.  Savory mushroom gravy, and topped with an assortment of gourment mushrooms ( variety's include lions mane, chantarelle, baby bellas.  

     3 pc Spring Rolls  Flaky Spelt rolls filled with your choice of filling. Kale, onion peppers. Kale and vish, or Kale and apple. 

Savory Sides/ snacks  

        Burro Fries 

      Fried Kale  Kale sauteed with shallots and peppers.

      Candied Butternut  Butternut squash sweetened with agave. 

Watermelon Jerky  trail mix filled with a variety of dried fruit, coconut flakes, and super sweet dehydrated watermelon. 


Natural Soda 

Muttled fresh fruit, natural sweetener, carbonated spring water. 

Ginger Shot: 2oz of Ginger concentrate. $2.50 

Fresh pressed juices will resume in the summer months



100% fruit


choose your base, almond milk, coconut water +$1.00, spring water.

Punch Allie Blueberries, Strawberry, apple.   

 Berry Baby Strawberry, baby banana.

Tropical Allie Mango, baby banana, apple

Add ons 


dates, avocado, hemp seeds, date syrup, agave.

Char's Vegan Treats 

  Chocolate cupcake

Vanilla cupcake

Strawberry cupcake

 Rotating Specialty cupcake

  1/2 Dozen (6)

Dozen (12) 

  Vegan cookie flavor varies

Char's Vegan Soft serve 

Vegan soft serve. 

*Ask us the flavors of the day*

  Kids cone or cup. 

Small cone or 5oz cup 

Large cone or 7oz cup

  12oz/16oz/20 oz shake blended with chocolate or vanilla almond milk. 

Shake with Jumbo vegan cookie and your choice of syrup. 

  add on toppings. 

Chocolate syrup, Strawberry syrup, Biscoff cookies, walnuts. 

Char's Fresh baked bread 

Bread orders require a minimum of 24 hours for pickup. 

Plain Spelt- water, salt, agave, spelt. 

Teff Bread ( gluten-free)

Onion herb spelt

 Onion herb teff  

 Interested in catering? Contact [alkalinealliecincy@gmail.com] for more information.