What's on the menu?

Healthy Starts. Breakfast anytime. 

$3.99     Roasted Fig coffee. 20 oz sweetened with agave *optional*

$13.49-14.19    Alkaline Waffle  topped with date syrup, and a fresh strawberry drizzle.  *gluten-free available*       

$6.49/$7.59 Allie Cakes Stack (2), or (4). Comes with Agave, or berry topping.

$15.75        3 pc French Toast w/ Ban O'Brien. Three slices of fresh spelt bread dipped in a strawberry batter, and grilled. Topped with housemade strawbery, and date syrup. 

$7.99        Breakfast Zauzage Sandwich. Two small crepes, one zauzage patty, and a small omelete round with peppers and onions. 

$8.99     BanO'Brien burro bananas fried with peppers and onions.

$3.49/ $4.99 Zauzage Patties Choice (1), or (2) seasoned patties made from scratch. 

$7.99/11.99 Crepes  filled with fresh fruit, topped with house made strawberry syrup. 

$5.99   Assorted fruit cup.

$9.99/10.99 Chickpea-base "Omelette" with your choice of 3 or 5 ingredients. 

All come topped with tomato.  Mushrooms, peppers, onions, shallots, walnut crumble, chayote squash, Roma tomato.

The "Heal" Meals

$13.99 Walnut Spaghetti w/ Teff Bread  

                                   -xtra zoodles $1.99

$13.99 2 pc Vish  w/ Burro Fries a blend of chickpeas, seasoning, and vegetables blended and made into patties. Pan fried until golden. Comes as an open face sandwich on Teff bread with lettuce tomato and onion. 

$9.99 Micken Sandwich w/ Side Raw Salad Shredded King trumpet mushroom sauteed with onions and peppers. Served on pancake style teff bread, topped with house made bbq. Upgrade to burro fries +$3 

$10          Raw Salad Red leaf lettuce, freshly diced peppers, white onion, shredded squash, apples, cucumber,  Roma tomato, and goji berries. Tossed in a cherry- citrus house dressing. 

$11         EVERYTHING Salad. All topping from Raw salad plus coconut , and olives. extra dressing $1.99

$14.99    3g Green goodness gravy Chickpeas, green onions, bell pepper, red onion, smothered in Kale gravy

$26      Mushroom Pizza. House made spelt dough rolled fresh.  Savory mushroom gravy, and topped with an assortment of gourment mushrooms ( variety's include lions mane, chantarelle, baby bellas.  

$10       3 pc Spring Rolls  Flaky Spelt rolls filled with your choice of filling. Kale, onion peppers. Kale and vish, or Kale and apple. 

Savory Sides/ snacks  

$5.99        Burro Fries 

$5.99       Fried Kale  Kale sauteed with shallots and peppers.

$5.99       Candied Butternut  Butternut squash sweetened with agave. 

$4.99 Watermelon Jerky  trail mix filled with a variety of dried fruit, coconut flakes, and super sweet dehydrated watermelon. 

$1.99      House made Ketchup, or roasted red pepper sauce.

Natural Soda $2.99

Muttled fresh fruit, natural sweetener, carbonated spring water. 

Ginger Shot: 2oz of Ginger concentrate. $2.50 

Fresh pressed juices will resume in the summer months



100% fruit

12oz $7.99     16oz $8.99    20oz $9.99  

choose your base, almond milk, coconut water +$1.00, spring water.

Punch Allie Blueberries, Strawberry, apple.   

 Berry Baby Strawberry, baby banana.

Tropical Allie Mango, baby banana, apple

Add ons 

 $2.50 Seamoss, 

$1.00 dates, avocado, hemp seeds, date syrup, agave.

Char's Vegan Treats 

$3.50     Chocolate cupcake

$3.50 Vanilla cupcake

$3.50 Strawberry cupcake

 $4.00 Rotating Specialty cupcake

$18    1/2 Dozen (6)

$28   Dozen (12) 

$2.50     Vegan cookie flavor varies

Char's Vegan Soft serve 

Vegan soft serve. 

*Ask us the flavors of the day*

$2.00  Kids cone or cup. 

$3.50 Small cone or 5oz cup 

$4.00 Large cone or 7oz cup

$6-$8   12oz/16oz/20 oz shake blended with chocolate or vanilla almond milk. 

$8-$9 Shake with Jumbo vegan cookie and your choice of syrup. 

$.50   add on toppings. 

Chocolate syrup, Strawberry syrup, Biscoff cookies, walnuts. 

Char's Fresh baked bread 

Bread orders require a minimum of 24 hours for pickup. 

$10 Plain Spelt- water, salt, agave, spelt. 

$10 Teff Bread ( gluten-free)

$12 Onion herb spelt

$12 Onion herb teff  

 Interested in catering? Contact [alkalinealliecincy@gmail.com] for more information.